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  1. Twinkle said,

    Hi baby.. I saw ur pics in ur gallery.. U look absolutely gorgeous.. muuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaahhhhhh… :*)

    I Love this gallery also..

    Take care baby..

  2. Dana Lynn said,

    I’d suck any of these “girls”

    • Nikki said,

      Where u from Donna, maybe we can talk and see if we have chemistry šŸ˜‰

  3. ashley said,

    all of the people look great and i would do them all.

  4. drutv said,


  5. Chad James aka Marley said,

    I just want to tell you that I enjoyed reading your story. I wish I had a girl that was a good friend who would dress me up like a woman. I’m a closet cross dresser. Sometimes I think about just moving without telling anyone where I’m going. So I can go to another town where no one knows me and then I can get dressed up and go out in public.

    • mark said,

      that fits me im wanting to move so i can be a sissy

  6. Mr. Mx said,

    Wow. First, second, third, eighth, and ninth pictures show great results of feminization. I would love to know how they got feminized. When I will be feminized, I would post my pictures on this web site (if such will occur). And I would also want to change my image fully so every person that knows me and doesn’t know me sees me as a fully mature and grown woman, not a man. Maybe some people would call this Gender Identification Disorder but my guts, instincts, intuition, and even physical body signals me that I suppose to be a woman such as these if not even better. Most of all, I will do something about it and make it possible to change my sex; my social gender is of couse male but the true gender is female. I often even act as a woman and people react to me as if I am gay (and of course I am not). I just wish both transgendered men and women to successfully change their sex to their true sex. Finally, if I will become a woman, I will not be a prostitute, nor a striptease model, nor of any dirty as they say “womens dirty jobs”; I will do anything to change how men view women, and how women view men. I am sick of seeing men who bully women, and women who do nothing about it. I do not want to feminize men but I want them to be balanced to natural masculine characteristics. I want the same natural feminine characteristics to all women. Most of all, love, peace, and friendship to all.

    Best wishes and regards,
    Mr. Mx

  7. Michael said,

    More Sissy photos please !

  8. Marc said,

    Nice shots,

    I am so jealous.. I would love to have a Mistress that would feminize me and would even force me to take hormonas…

  9. L J said,

    amazing. The 1st one and the 8th one (the maid) look amazingly real! Very well done to who ever created them, and kudos to the guys for posing.

  10. Paul said,

    My favorites are #’s 1 and 9.

    Number 1 is stunning. I’d like to date her as a straight guy. And I’d LOVE to look as good as number 9. Those two are inspiring me to ‘get out there’!!!

  11. tamaralynn said,

    beautiful i wish you could make me look like these gurls,all great.where do i sign up i’m very shy but willing to try anything.

  12. Glaucia said,

    Love it, amazing pictures, post more please !!!

    kisses kisses

  13. angel said,

    Just wanted to say that this site is wonderful. and i love to dress as much as possible. there is nothing that feels better to me then when i come home or when im out of town being the woman i feel i am inside.

  14. bart said,

    Number 1 is beautiful & soooo sexy. I wish I could meet her.

  15. mark said,

    where can a person go to to be fimenized i would love to look like any of them girls

  16. Bart said,

    Wow; I wish I could join them in some loving (all kinds).

  17. michael g. batcho said,

    there is NOTHING as alluring and exciting or captivating as an erotically feminized guy . . . exquisite sissification transforms a male into a magical feminized “presence’ which transcends and surpasses our most elevated feminine fantasies and dteams . . . and the female ideal becomes realized and actualized . . . incarnated . . . dazzling and bedazzling . . . leaving us dazed and amazed . . . and breathless in awe and admiration . . .and envy . . . vive la difference! šŸ™‚

  18. Chris said,

    I want to be totally feminize. Sincerely ,chris

  19. John the Baptist said,

    Number one made me all fuzzy and and warm inside. I would definetely treat her like a lady, every night and more.

  20. andrew (andi) said,

    Wonderful gallery. The feminized male all look so very pretty and so happy in their new feminine appearance. I too have yearnings and desires to be feminized.
    Yours andi

  21. Will McKibbin said,

    Looking to be force feminized to full transgenderd woman and become willow from start to finish

  22. Evie said,

    I would love to be the wife of a Superior Female!

  23. jay johns said,

    these women are gorgeous, wow !!!!

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