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  1. submittofemale said,

    I like ur photographs. can u give me few tips to feminised my husband ,i want to feminised my husband, how to make him a complete feminised look . plz help me. he is now fully under controll me. thanks love u.

  2. Dana Lynn said,

    Love your little breasts. I’ve been trying to grow some myself. I’d love to swap titty sucks with you.

  3. aman said,

    Hi i’m aman, I think u r a very nice person and i wud love to know more abt u and become a good friend.

  4. Mithoo said,

    Hi.. U make me wanna feel u like a girl. Nice tits. Wonder what will happen when u get milk in them.
    What a sweet ass – Would love to lick that sexy ass and make romance to it.

  5. friend mailx said,

    i love your pics…


  6. lucky said,

    Like you in ur white dress. The yellow bikini looks too hot on your body..

  7. bibomedia said,


  8. jtmarquis71 said,

    Hi Mohit,
    You look great. I’ve been meaning to drop you a line. I gave up feminization about 3 years ago. Just too much maintenance. But I still dig cross-dressers and I’m totally into femdom and political shit. Best of luck and keep up the good work. J.T. Marquis

  9. allen said,

    you are so sexy. I am so hard it hurts i would love to make contact with you

  10. Michelle said,


  11. lisa said,

    I love your pics very much.
    I’d sell my soul to the devil to be in your heels when my gf feminises me.
    u have a sexy body !


  12. manish k said,

    hi !!!!!!!!!!!!
    nice pics. u have a great figure and lovely body

  13. manish k said,

    nice pics.. u havegr8 figure and lovely body

  14. Megan said,

    You have the body I would love to have. I wish my wife would enjoy feminize me.

  15. joe smith said,

    you r so sexy. r u into guys at all?

  16. Ken (Kerry) said,

    I went through a period of crossdressing my wife supported me but through a bad rain hemmorage my wife had I gave it up because I thought the pressure was bad for her heath at the time.
    I wish I could have looked half as good as you do good luck in your quest you really look so good.

  17. maggied said,

    Very telling pictures. I to was feminized but I have to admit with only token resistance. It’s like a blur to me know but almost from the onset I knew this was my destiny. My ex-wife thinks that I should inquire as to how I could upload my photos though I am no where near as cute as you ladies.

  18. om said,

    i love you
    plz more send me photo

  19. jaybomb said,

    wow im speachless you dress so sexy im getting an errection just looking hope your into guys id love to meet you

  20. omi said,

    i love your pics
    plz me send photo………

  21. roxanna105 said,

    you look lovely

  22. 'Kim' said,

    Wow…smoking hot gurl !!!!!!!!!!
    I’d love to chat/email some time.


  23. EX Kerry said,

    Loverly Photos Wish I had taken them OPPS SRY I am a proffesional Photographer


  24. Travis said,

    You are absolutely beautiful. I have been a crossdresser for as long as I can remember. I have had my denial stages, but now I would like to feminize my body. Yours is perfect. So what have you done that gave you that fantastic look.

  25. drutv said,

    you are simply beautiful. thanks for your pics.

  26. andrew (andi) said,

    I so love your true life tale of you transition into a beautiful T-girl. You are an inspiration for those of us who share the same desires and practice them in secret.
    yours andi 🙂

  27. Anthony said,

    I love just love your ass and legs but your ass is relish

  28. jon said,

    Your cute.

  29. jon said,

    i wish i could find some one who wamted to feminize me. Leave work and let out my other side. Hard to trust. To be someones playmate. Treated as a female. Thats erotic.

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