October 11, 2007

Welcome To My Blog..

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Hi & Welcome to My Blog..

My name is Mohit a.k.a. “Feminized Guy”. I live in Delhi, the capital of India..

This blog is about my journey from a regular dude to someone who regularly began dressing up as a girl..

I hope u enjoy the entries below..

All of them are is sequence from the beginning to the end of this page.

I would love to get your feedback and comments.. You can leave then here itself on the blog or if u prefer, you can also mail them to me at feminizedguy@gmail.com


P.S. : Check out my galleries.. The links to them are on the right side of the page ( right next the title of this entry, on the right, filed under “Pages” )..

To Read The Entire Story Click Here : https://feminizedguy.wordpress.com



  1. Femdom Enthusiast said,

    Hey Mohit, nice to see u as a submissive sissy male. i did not have any hope that i will find a beautiful femdom indian blog one day. It’s a beautiful.
    Take Care.

  2. Arguilo said,

    You make a great submissive sissy. Let me know if you are interested in starring in a movie as a straight guy who gets feminized. I have a website that specializes in these types of movies. Check it out at http://www.ExoticTales.com

  3. anil said,

    Very stunning Mohit. I reside in Ahmedabad and I wish to become a complete sissy maid. I have the habit of wearing bra and other female clothes and ornaments right from the age of 13.

  4. HairFetish said,

    Hi Mohit, i wish a girl like Neha came in my life too, Cross-dressing with emphasis on different hairdos realy excites me.

  5. you might enjoy this blog:


  6. Prabur K Ray said,

    Hi Mohit
    I wonder how u’ve became femiminine? Is it possible to transform totally as a female? Anyway I’m a an aged person and these days I want to be friended with a ladyboy who has real broadviews. Take care and be happy.

  7. Suzanne said,

    Hello Mohit, How would someone go about meeting Neha ,or someone just like her? I would like very much to be totally feminized by a woman. My reasons are as plain as day. I have been a CD for many years ,an ex girlfriend started with feminizing me,I went from being a male with 38-32-38 male body to a 43-29-40 female figure. The feminization was not finished . I would have enjoyed taking your place. I would like a female to help finish feminizing me .Being a man with a feminine figure is not the way I would like to live the rest of my life.I can do it myself,but there are things to be learned ,and it would come easier if it was taught properly by a woman.What woman would want a man to dress as a woman and not be able to pass as one?

    • Andrea said,

      would like to be ur friend. I am similar to you in several things..

  8. rhils said,

    A very nice shemale galary.
    but i want to see some ibdia crossdress fotos and india shemale fotos

  9. m41502 said,

    u look so hot, how about sum mor pictres? plese send i would lik to se yur pussy in panties

  10. Dianna said,

    I would love something similar to happen to me

  11. preety boy said,

    You look gorgeous. would love to see more.

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