October 11, 2007

Turning more feminine..

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Well, the first time I wore a dress I hadn’t waxed my hands n legs.. To say the least, I wasn’t looking all that pretty.. I simply looked like a guy in a dress..

Neha had hinted the day I wore the black dress itself that I would be putting on a dress often now. She had also hinted that I should look more feminine the next time I put on one.

The second time I wore a dress was just one day after I had wore it the first time.. This time too I wore the same dress.. But now she had made me wear black pantyhose too, to cover the hair I had on my legs and make me look more feminine..

Here’s how it went..

I was feeling a bit awkward the next day after I wore the dress for the first time, so didn’t pay Neha a visit.. But I did go to see her the day after. She was all smiles too see me. She came up to me and gave me a nice warm hug and said that I looked good. Then she took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Opened up her closet and took out the same dress, and said, today I’m gonna make u look even better.. Then she took out a pair of black pantyhose and said, today you’re gonna wear this too..

I must have been making quite a face, coz she said, “Baby, no point making such a long face, u know you’re gonna have to wear it, so might as well enjoy it, I know I’m gonna enjoy u in a dress.”

With a heavy heart, and a sinking feeling, one that of loosing control, I tried to resist further, but I knew I wasn’t going to win against her, so gave up and proceeded to wear the dress.. she’d already taken out the bra and panty I was to wear. I started to undress, this time around she decided to stick around in the room. I told her she can leave & that I’ll wear it all, to which she replied, “I know u will baby.. now come on.. keep undressing.” She wasn’t gonna leave the room. I thought to myself, she’s gonna see me naked sometime, might as well be today. I took off all items of clothing I had on and she helped me put on the bra, I wore the panty and then the pantyhose. Slipped into the black dress and then stood in front of the mirror to see myself and then turned towards her to inspect me to her satisfaction.

She seemed pleased..

Asked me to sit on the bed, then took something out of the drawer.. It was a lipstick.. She opened its cap and told me to pout.. I did as she said.. In a few seconds I had red lipstick on my lips..



She also had arranged for some heel shoes for me to wear.. Which I put on.. The heels weren’t too high but I still had some trouble moving around. Neha said “It’ll take some time to get the hang of it, but once you do, Mohit (Yup, that’s my name) and heel shoes would be inseparable.”


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