October 11, 2007

The Sad Goodbye..

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It was a happy as well as a sad day.. the day I came to know that Neha had bagged a job abroad. She got a job as a designer in an Amsterdam based company and was to leave for Amsterdam in less than a month’s time. I was happy for her as she was going to go far in life, but at the same time I knew it was unlikely that I’d get to see her anytime soon after she left.

What followed in the days to come wasn’t all smiles and joy.. there was some of it (mostly from Neha), but yeah there were quite some sad moments too.

I really wanted her to stay, but she had to go.. Such is life.. You don’t always get what you want.

Won’t talk much about the time that led to the day she left.

I still remember the goodbye.. That sad goodbye..!

Neha walking away & me looking at her leave. She turned & waved at me, passed a smile, as she walked into the airport through the airport doors.

That was the last I saw of her.

We stayed in touch for a while by e-mail and messenger but slowly we both got busy in our own lives, and just lost touch.

Such is Life…


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  1. david (aka ??????) said,

    you are a true dream come true . thank god for neha !!!!!! i have always dreamed to meet someone like neha. my ex-wife would always force me just enough to make wonder what it would be like to fulfill an errotic fantasy like yours. love ya if you ever have time for training and you are in cali. ill be waiting

  2. asdf said,

    Hmm, that’s a sad ending…!

  3. Shane said,

    wow…u do look hot….

    have wanted to meet someone like you. If u r intd, email me.


  4. EX Kerry said,

    Thats such a nice story do you still dress Femm ? and if so are you enjoying your life as EN-Femm I did it years ago and got such a kick out of going out dressed in Manchester UK
    Good Luck

    ex Kerry

  5. EX Kerry said,

    I still have dreams about wearing female clothing especially underwear like you said, I wore them 24 /7 and can still feel them on me what a nice feeling but its a long story. I now weight train and have a 50″ chest. Went on holiday 2 weeks ago and some piss-head at the bar called me Rambo, hehe, but I do miss my dressing (I darnt tell the wife ) but then when I did dress she supported me, even made me a suit with a skirt to wear when I went to town. I went with my wife and my next door neighbours to a club in Manchester. I was dressed en-femm that supported Tranvestites. I even went into a few pubs in the area called Gay City. The wife is out and I have had a few beers and just wanted to search the www for sites, came across yours and found your story. LUCKY you.


    Ex Kerry

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