October 11, 2007

The Darker Side Of It All..

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Everything that happened wasn’t all candy floss.. There was a lot happening underneath too.. I was forced into feminization although after a while I gave up resisting as I felt it was of no use. Come what may, Neha always got her way, got whatever she wanted. I guess that’s what u call dominance. What she said was to be done, that too the way she wanted it to be.

She wanted me to dress up as a girl, so I did..

She wanted me to wear lingerie all the time, so I did..

She wanted to feminize me, make me a girl, so I became one for her..

Neha used to show me pictures of feminized guys and sissys as well as trannies. Regular erotica was replaced with pictures and videos of feminized/sissified guys, ladyboys and trannies. She used to ensure that I at least went through the pictures everyday if not the videos. After dressing up as a girl when I was at her place she would turn on the laptop and watch the pictures with me. She’d time and again say, you’re gonna be so much more sexier then them, you’re gonna look so gorgeous. You’ll see, one day you’re gonna have bigger breasts then them. She was constantly engaged in trying to stimulate my desire to become a “Chick with a dick”. She’d say, you’re gonna be better then the rest, you’re gonna have breasts as well as a dick. You’re going to be the most beautiful boy girl package. Saying so, she’d give me a heart warming smile & a kiss assuring me that it was what I wanted to be.

Over a period of time.. I found myself desiring to be more and more feminine..

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  1. I was also forced by my sister who was 4years older than i . now i love to wear female clothing I am hooked . She made me dress up as her little sister, i was not fun at first but now it great.

  2. sameerchopra said,

    hey you looking gorgeous in those dresses

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