October 11, 2007

The 24×7 Phenomenon..

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Some time had passed by and I started liking being Neha’s Barbie doll.. :oD lolzz..

I got to admit, I was having fun and actually looking forward to dressing up at times.. Whenever I would be free for the whole day I’d spend it with Neha at her place, all dressed up, in full makeup.. Neha too was having a gr8 time. She always used to look forward to me coming over. She’d always try to find me something new to wear. Would try different looks on me.. different kinds of make up too. Sometimes she’d dress me up as a school girl





..and sometimes let me roam around in a bikini and high heels..



Then one day when she knew I was comfortable in lingerie, she said.. “Why don’t you wear a bra all day long.. why take it off at all..”

Now, I loved wearing lace bra’s and panties, had some really nice sets in colors like red, purple, lime green, wine red, pink and even black.. I just couldn’t get enough of them..! lol.. :o)

And getting to wear them all the time sounded like a sexy thing to do..


I would always change into a bra and a panty whenever I would become feminine, but didn’t wear it otherwise. I thought for a while and then agreed as it was winters and I would be wearing loads of clothes.. Sweatshirts, jackets and all..\ So even if I wore it inside no one would come to know. That night I didn’t take off my bra and my panty either.

Next day when I went off to college I wore a matching set of bra and panty under my clothes. It made me feel a bit nervous but excited too at the same time.

Now whenever I would speak to Neha on the phone, she’d ask if I was wearing my lingerie. Once when I wasn’t and she asked, I told her I wasn’t wearing any, she got really angry and started scolding me.. After that I always wore it. Whenever she’d meet me outside the house she’d run her hand on my back to feel the bra strap. When I’d go to her place or she’d come to mine, the first thing she’d do was to make me show her my bra as well as my panty.

I was instructed not to take off my bra even when I went off to sleep. In effect I was wearing a bra 24×7. She’d even call at night sometimes and ask me if was wearing my bra and if she should come and check. At times when she would be askin, the doorbell would ring and she’d be outside & would immediately ask me to show her my bra to make sure i was wearing one.

In any case I was also going to Neha’s place everyday or she was coming over to my place. So I landed up showing my inners to her everyday.

Because of wearing a bra at all times, I had started to develop breasts. Neha was very happy and excited to see the development of my chest into breasts. She’d say, one day you’re gonna have big breasts..!

She’d make me take off my bra and then she’d massage a cream into them. I don’t exactly know which cream it was, but I think it was a breast enlargement cream. I let her play around with my then small breasts.. I liked them too.. They made me look so much more sexier. I’d look at them and feel then when ever I took a shower or otherwise too.

In a few months time I had developed some really nice breasts. Check out the picture below to see for yourself..



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  1. Amy said,

    Hi, u are simply a marvel, simply fabulous

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