October 11, 2007

My First Time Out..

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The day I had always dreaded had finally come. I had always feared that Neha would one day tell me to go out as a girl. All dressed up with full makeup on.

Neha one fine day said, “We’re going out clubbing tonight.”

I said “Ok, what time..?”

Neha replied, we’ll leave around 10..

and then she dropped the Bomb.. “And I have the perfect dress for u tonight.. You’re gonna look as hot as any other girl if not sexier..”

I was petrified.. I said, “I’m not gonna go out as a girl.. No no, not at all..”

Neha said, “Don’t be silly baby, you’re gonna look fabulous and no one is gonna know.”

Despite her constant reassurance, I wasn’t comforted and tried my level best to get out of it.. so much so that I was to join her at her place for dinner before leaving and I didn’t go. She on the other hand landed up at my place with clothes and makeup for me.. I could see that she was rather angry at my not turning up at her place.. She stormed in and said, “You think you can get out of it that easily.. Not a chance..!! Get dressed right now..!”

Before u know it, my clothes were off, I was standing in front of her in my lingerie.

She had got for me a very feminine white mini skirt with lace bordering & a body hugging off shoulder lace top. It looked really sexy.

I was instructed to wear a white bra and matching white panties, which I did, and then put on the dress. I looked really sexy.

I also had matching white stilettos in pencil heels to go with it. I had transformed into a very sexy girl, all thanks to Neha. Love u baby for that.. :*)

Looking so hot definitely made me less conscious about going out all dressed up, but I was still very nervous, What if someone comes to know that I’m a guy & not really a girl..!

I put on my makeup and my wig. I was wearing pink lipstick. Had put on mascara and silver eyeliner coupled with a copperish shade of eye-shadow. Silver color nail polish, big round clip on earrings, and 2 rings on my fingers.

Neha jokingly said, “Baby, u look so hot tonight, you could pick up any guy you wanted at the club.” To which I could only smile.. :o)

She gave me a hug and we set out for the club..

What a night it was..!!!


Note : The Photograph you see above is not what i had worn to the club that night. It’s just another one of my photographs.

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  1. ravi said,

    hey i want girl like Neha.i want tobe drag-queen.

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