October 11, 2007

How It all Began..

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Well it all started when I shifted to Delhi. I took up admission in a prestigious college in North Campus, Delhi University (North Campus is the place where a lot of college are situated together).
Since I was from out of town, I took up a apartment in a place called Hudson Lines. It’s a place near North Campus. A lot of students who join colleges in north campus take up a place to live there.

It was the 15th of July 2002.. Can’t forget that day.. The events of that day went on to shape a lot of things in my future.
It was the day my college had opened it’s doors to the newcomers.. the Freshers.. & i was one of them..
I clearly remember the feeling I had when I first walked into college on that day.. it was one of nervousness as well as excitement. It was my first day in college and i was afraid I’d get ragged.. And as a matter of fact, I did land up getting ragged.., but it wasn’t bad, was kinda had fun, first singing & then dancing to someone else’s singing.. :oD

The 15 th of July was also the day I met her..

Who her..????

The girl who made me dress up as a girl for her.. not once, not twice, but umpteen times.
Her name was Neha. She was studying to be a fashion designer. Her college was in south delhi but she lived in Hudson lines. Earlier her elder sister who was working, was living with her, but then her sister had got transferred to Mumbai so she was living alone.

I met her in the evening of the 15th.
It was a lovely evening, so I had gone out for a walk in the park near my apartment, that’s where I met her. She was friends with someone who lived in the same building as me.

Neha is one charismatic girl.. She’s 5′ 7″ tall and loves wearing 4″ heels, which makes her stand tall at 5′ 11′, just as tall as I am. She’s slim with great vital stats ( 36-24-34 ). Is fair with long flowing black hair.. She was gorgeous.. Absolutely gorgeous..!
I remember thinking to myself, “God, she’s hot, i gotta be friends with her.”
What i later came to know was that she also knew how to use her beauty to get what she wanted. It turns out she was a really strong and dominating person.

Soon we became friends, pretty good friends. We used to frequently visit each others place and spend hours together talking about everything from food right down to sex. I guess we were very comfortable in each others company. So comfortable that any sexual attraction had died down.. 😦

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