October 11, 2007

Getting all waxed..

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Going over to Neha’s had become synonymous with wearing a dress. She would not leave any opportunity to put me in a dress. And if I didn’t go to her place, she’d land up at my place with something for me to dress up in. Over the next few days I wore quite some stuff, from skirts to capris to slacks.. from spaghetti tops to tube tops to cholis. I had also been wearing more and more makeup.. from just lipstick before, now I was wearing blush and mascara, eyeliner and nail polish too.

Then one day Neha said, “Mohit I want u to take the next step, I want you to have smooth sexy skin, just like me.. I Want u to get your body waxed. I don’t want to see any hair on your body from your neck downwards.

I was astound.. didn’t know what to say. I had heard getting waxed hurts a lot, and getting my entire body waxed would definitely hurt quite a bit.

I tried to get myself out of it by saying that I couldn’t get one done outside, at any saloon. She said not to worry, she’d already thought of that, “ Don’t worry baby, I’ll be giving u a good body wax. You won’t have to go out for it.”

The next time I came around to her place, she had bought one of those home waxing kits. And she asked me to get all naked and on the bed.. I wasn’t too excited but I also know that there wasn’t any way out so didn’t put up any resistance.. To say the least it was one painful session.. She was good at it, but getting waxed for the first time sure hurt a lot. 😦

And particularly, getting my penis and my balls waxed hurt even more.. the hair there wasn’t coming off that easily so she kept applying wax and the strips there again and again. That really hurt..!!

After getting a body wax, I was hurting bad.. She gave me a painkiller and sent me back home.. At home I looked at my silky smooth body in the mirror and remember thinking that I look rather sexy and very feminine.. I guess the end result wasn’t bad at all.. Except for the red spots I had all over my body, which I figured out would go away in a day or two.

There was a marked difference in the way I looked now, when I turned all girly.. I looked so much better, so much more feminine, so much sexier…


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  1. Priya said,


    I am Priya from mumbai. Thank God at last i have found a place where i can find the one whom i have been looking for.
    I want to meet and be with a person like you..

  2. Tina said,

    Hey Priya, I’m a CD in Bangalore, 20 yrs old. I’d luv to be feminized and you can play with me as much as you want……. What say? Let’s get in touch…..

  3. cyndy said,

    i have been waxed many times and it gets less painful the more frequently it is done

  4. radha said,

    feminize me compleetely into a hundred percent female i will be glad to be a part of the glamour world &enjoy compleete feminity .

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